Organic Cow Cheese

Our organic cheese is 100% organic, made from the most creamy cow’s milk.
The cows feast on the resting crops of the farm. As a thank you, they give delicious milk and manure full of nutrients in return. The result is happy cows, delicious cheese from their milk, vegetables that grow well and farmers with a big smile. So the circle is complete!

Organic Goat Cheese

Our organic goat cheese is 100% organic, full of taste and pure nature! This milk is of high quality because the goats receive the best nutrition and care. In addition, they get the space they need. The milk is processed into goat cheese with a delicious pure goat cheese flavor. In this process, no salt is added or preservatives are used, so you can taste the best of nature! The most delicious goat’s cheese is so soft and creamy that it appeals to everyone.