Meet Daniel

Hi, my name is Daniel Treur and I would like to introduce myself! I grew up with cheese; my father started selling cheese in 1955. This has grown into a wholesale cheese business that goes by the name Treur Kaas. With more than 65 years of experience, Treur Kaas is your expert in maturing and conditioning Dutch cheese.

So I was brought up between the cheeses. I select the cheeses by smell, taste and touch. Only the best cheeses will be included in Daniel’s Selection. This way, a great selection of various cheeses has been created!

The Daniel’s Selection range consists of both premium and organic cheese, made from cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk and jersey milk. I have selected both mild and aged cheeses cover the whole range. Experience the taste of these unique cheeses yourself!

A family business since 1955

Daniel’s Selection is a brand from the family company Treur Kaas. Daan Treur is the second generation in the business. Since he was little he is passionate about cheese. After years of experience he has the right expertise to labelle the ones with the perfect flavour with Daniel’s Selection. Interested? Let’s get in touch.

Treur Kaas

Treur Kaas has been a family business since 1955, managed by 2 brothers Daan and René Treur. Treur Kaas is based in Woerden in the center of Holland, where the best Dutch cheese mature in our warehouse in the midst of grazing cows.  Treur Kaas is specialised in maturing cheese. In the warehouse there laid 1,3 million kg cheese. Together with our sales and marketing support we offer a great concept to stimulate your cheese sales.


Daniel’s selection is made with a small strict selection of high quality and passionate cheesemakers based all over the country. Read here where your cheese is coming from.