World Cheese Awards Wales 2022

The 2022 edition of the World Cheese Awards will take place on November 2nd, 2022. A cheese competition that attracts participants, exhibitors and visitors from all across the world. Each year, this competition takes place in a different country and this year, that honour goes to Wales.

This edition was actually supposed to take place in Kiev, but due to the war in Ukraine, this is not an option for now. The Guild of Fine Food, organiser of World Cheese Awards, will do all it can to support cheese makers from Ukraine and it will definitely take place in Kiev in the future, whenever this is feasible again. The 2021 edition took place in Oviedo, Spain.

World Cheese Awards

This year, we’ve submitted several cheeses for these Awards:

Naturally, we hope that the judges will love these cheeses and that we will once again win some great prizes!

World Cheese Markets

On November 2nd, there will also be a market with various stalls during this show. Treur Kaas will also be present and have a market stall of their own. We will present the above-mentioned cheeses we have submitted during this show. Are you curious about (one of) these cheeses and would you like to taste them? And are you able to come to Wales on November 2nd? Then we would love to welcome you to our stall! Meet our account managers Mark Eversteijn and Willem-Jan Oudehinken. They can tell you all about our cheeses and our company.

General information


  • 10.00 World Cheese Market opened
  • World Cheese judges the 4000 entries
  • 13.30 Award for the ‘Young Cheesemonger of the Year’, by The Academy of Cheese
  • 16.00 Look at the  Super Jury when they judge the last 16 cheeses
  • Announcement of the World Champion Cheese
  • 17.00 End


International Convention Centre Wales
The Coldra, Catsash Rd, Caerleon,
Newport, United Kingdom


Go to this website for more information and tickets.