Truffle Cheese

The days are getting shorter, it is getting colder outside and the Holidays are approaching. It’s time to cosy up with each other inside, and over a nice wine and delicious cheese, of course. And which cheeses are perfect for this time of year? Exactly, our truffle cheeses!

Gouda truffle cheese

The cheeses we would like to highlight are our delicious Gouda truffle cheeses. We have an organic variant; Daniel’s Selection Organic Truffle and a non-organic variant, namely the Daniel’s Selection Truffle. Both cheeses are made from cow’s milk. They have been ripening in our warehouse for around 8 weeks. The softness of the dairy of these cheeses is delicious. And that combined with the added bits of black Italian truffle is unsurpassed! The Bio Truffo is also suitable for vegetarians, as it is prepared with vegetarian rennet.


Daniel’s Selection Organic Truffle

The beautiful organic truffle cheese comes from the Hoeksche Waard (Holland). Cheesemakers Biostee is an organic arable and vegetable farm run by 3 farmers. Here, organic cheeses are prepared with love and craftsmanship and you can taste it.

Daniel’s Selection Truffle

Our Truffle cheese is a farmstead cheese made by the Verweij family from Polsbroek. Three Verweij brothers run this family business. From the milk of around 400 cows, cheese is made daily. Herbal cheeses in particular are really their speciality. But they can also make beautiful large farmhouse cheeses.

Award winner

That the Organic Truffle is a delicious delicacy is clear from the awards it has won. This luxury truffle cheese already has several awards to its name. At the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, the Organic Truffle has won several awards, both Gold and Silver and Bronze. But it also has the ‘Highly Commended’ Award to its name.

Cooking with truffle cheese

You can serve truffle cheeses deliciously cubed on a cheeseboard with a good glass of wine. That’s all you need! But did you know that these cheeses are also great for incorporating into dishes? For example, you could choose to incorporate them into a delicious truffle risotto! Also very tasty to serve during the Holidays.

Would you like to know more about these cheeses? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you more!