Cock and Pieter Verweij run together with their brother Jaco and Cock’s wife Wilma cheese farm Verweij in Polsbroek. Here there are 330 milk cows and 190 young cattle on about 115 hectares of land.

The company has grown rapidly in recent years. The cowshed was built in 2000 and was extended in 2014. The new part has a capacity of 450 milk cows. In the old part you can find  around 100 cows . The total capacity of the barn is 550 cows and it was built  with a view to the future and possible growth.

All company milk is processed in its own cheese factory. Sometimes Verweij even comes up short of milk, then he buys extra milk through the Farmel cooperative. On average, 4 million liters of milk go into the cheese bin every year.