The cheese factory of the Klaver family can be found in Winkel, North Holland since 1977. A beautiful location between the North Sea and the Ijsselmeer, which is known for its salty and rich clay soil. The grass that grows here is delicious and tender which makes the cheese so very creamy and pure.

In 2001, the characteristic farmhouse was exchanged for the current modern cheese factory. No one noticed anything about this switch in the taste of the cheese, but it improved their service by miles! In 2006 Klaverkaas chose to use a modern warehouse. In this warehouse, the maturation of the cheese is even better suited.

Spread over 2 locations Klaver has approximately 400 cows and 2100 goats that roam freely in the meadow and have a comfortable stable. The animals on the farm are healthy and happy. This is the best base for the tastiest cheese! Together with them, the Klaver family makes many different cheeses, each one unique in taste. The pure taste is achieved through the natural nutrition of the animals and the artisanal process of cheese making.

For more information, you can take a look at the website  of Klaver Kaas.