CONO cheesemakers have been around for over a hundred years and is a farmer’s cooperative. The farmers and cheesemakers make the tastiest and fairest cheese from the best milk. With the most sustainable modern techniques and preservation of their traditions. One of these traditions is the manual stirring of the curd and the natural maturation. The farmers share their knowledge through workshops to the cheesemakers and pass on their unique knowledge from generation to generation.

In the past 15 years CONO cheesemakers has been able to pay its farmers the highest milk price and in honor of its 100th anniversary in 2001 CONO cheesemakers became Royal Warrant Holder. In 1999 the Beemsterpolder, where CONO cheesemakers is situated, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a unique region.

In 2014 CONO built a new cheese factory and was opened by HRH Máxima. Sustainability plays a major role for CONO cheesemakers and its members. The whole chain works with real attention to humans, animals and the environment. From the blade of grass to the cheese and from the farmer to the cheesemaker. The earth gives everything we need, and we should not be wasting our planet. Since 1 January 2020, Cono cheesemakers’ production process has been climate neutral. Milk water is reused as much as possible and the member dairy farmers are used to produce sustainably generated electricity. The cheese factory is now officially the most sustainable cheese factory in the Netherlands!

The circle is round; take good care of our world. Then the grass is best, the cow is healthy, the milk is of the best quality, the farmer is happy and the cheese is the best.

Our Weydeland cheeses are made by CONO Cheesemakers. For more information, check out their website.