Piet and Joke Blokland are originally from the province of Utrecht. There they took over the farm from Piet’s father. Today they live in the Flevopolder, in Biddinghuizen on the farm they run together with their son Edwin. Here they run a mixed farm. They combine arable farming with the care of pigs and 150 cows.

Joke Blokland takes care of the cheese making in the modern cheese factory. Here she mainly produces Gouda Farmer’s Cheese of 12 and 16 kg and the large ones of no less than 30 kg

In the summer, Piet and Joke Blokland’s cows graze in the meadows and eat from the fresh grass. Along with a bite of hay and a few kilos of corn, this is the best food you can give to your cows. And you can taste that in the cheese. Piet and Joke Blokland’s cheeses are very creamy and pure in taste. And we are not the only ones who feel that way, indecated by the many awards that the cheeses of the Blokland family have already received.