Best organic product

During the annual product election for new organic products, our goat’s cheese with holes the Daniel’s Selection Organic Goat Cheese Emmental Type was proclaimed the best organic product of 2022! No less than 31 products participated in this election, but this goat’s cheese won. This meant that we are allowed to call this cheese the best organic product for a year. The Organic Goat Cheese got many compliments from the professional jury for, among other things, the innovation in the trade.

Best organic product of the year

During the past weeks, over 5,000 people cast their vote for their favourite product. In addition, the professional jury has passed its verdict on these products, resulting in the Organic Goat Cheese Emmental Type being elected the best organic product of the year. ‘A fantastic new product on the cheese shelves. A fine piece of innovation through industrious labour, and that deserves an award’, said the professional jury. ‘All principles of the organic sector are found in this product. Care, honesty and the social aspect, all is included in the production of this goat’s cheese. A story that we of the organic sector should tell more often.’

Anneke Ammerlaan (Trend watcher), Bart Fischer (innovation expert) and Michaël Wilde (managing director of Bionext) constituted the professional jury. They selected the winning organic product on the basis of sustainability in the production process, likelihood of success in the market and innovation. (Source:

Goat’s cheese with holes

Daniel’s Selection Organic Goat Cheese Emmental Type is an organic goat’s cheese of 8 kg. Preparing organic goat’s cheese with nice holes is a craft in itself. The Mèkkerstee has succeeded in preparing a unique goat’s cheese with beautiful, round holes. This goat’s cheese with holes is slightly sweet in taste. Through pure craftsmanship with a special recipe this fine organic goat’s cheese with beautiful round eyes was achieved. A cheese with a perfectly balanced taste, characteristic and with slight sweetness, combined with the mild taste of Mèkkerstee goat’s cheese. A completely new taste sensation. This cheese is prepared with vegetarian rennet, which means it is also suited for vegetarians.

Preparation and maturing

The cheese maker of this goat cheese is De Mèkkerstee, a care farm in Ouddorp. Here, the best goat’s cheeses are prepared using c. 650 goats. The goats are given the best care and are provided with high-quality, organic feed. You can taste this in the goat’s cheese of very high quality! Read more here about this cheesemaker. Once the cheesemaker has prepared this wonderful cheese, it is stored in our warehouse to mature on wooden shelves. Approx. 8 weeks of maturing are required to achieve this wonderful taste.

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